About Us


At IPPOS, our mission is to design top-quality sport bags for female equestrian athletes so that whether you are in the show ring or around the barn, you are Prepared For Performance…To Make Winning Happen. We believe that in riding, as in life, success is based on being prepared and centered. With that in mind, we design our bags to facilitate that feeling of confidence and calm that comes from knowing all your riding gear is there, right where you need it, in show condition, waiting for you to perform at your very best.


IPPOS was founded in 2007 by a Southern California family passionate about equestrian sports and the active California lifestyle. IPPOS co-founder, Jessica, a hunter/jumper rider, competed as a junior on the Southern California show circuit. Vicki, Jessica’s mom and IPPOS co-founder, is an avid dressage rider. After countless dollars and stressful hours spent replacing boots, helmets, belts, gloves and hunt coats forgotten at home, Jessica and Vicki collaborated on an innovative, multifunctional organization system for their equestrian gear to ensure all their gear arrived at the show clean, neat, and right where they needed it.

Trish, an eventer, joined the IPPOS team in 2015. Our collective experiences in the equestrian sporting world inform every aspect of the IPPOS design. We know that functionality, attention to detail, premium quality, and excellent craftsmanship are important to competitive equestrian athletes, so we make sure to work those elements into every IPPOS product. We are proud that all our IPPOS bags are “Made in the USA” right here in Southern California. Manufacturing locally allows us to personally interact with all aspects of the design, manufacture and distribution of our products.

As a Southern California based company, we have enjoyed showing in some of the most beautiful equestrian venues in California, from Del Mar to Sonoma. These venues have inspired us to design our bags with a respect for the beauty, refined ruggedness and individuality of our California roots.


As a women-owned company, we also share a passion for advancing women’s athletics and the equestrian sport as a whole. This passion motivates many of IPPOS’ sponsorship and donation programs. IPPOS has proudly supported multiple women-led equestrian teams around the nation and has also sponsored the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) since 2008. In 2017, we became a sponsor of Taking the Reins, an organization that empowers girls through horsepower by teaching life skills through horse care and riding.

As women and equestrian athletes ourselves, we passionately believe that sports, and particularly equestrian sports, develop confidence, leadership and communication skills in girls and women that can enhance the way they approach every aspect of their lives and empower them to become leaders in our society.

As equestrians, with close ties to our equine companions and the environment, which sustains our horses and our sport, we also recognize the importance of protecting our environment for generations to come. We source our faux leather fabrics from environmentally responsible manufacturers. The useful life of these fabrics is substantially longer than other synthetic fabrics. This limits the need for early replacement and consumer disposal of worn material, thereby resulting in the use of fewer natural resources.